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Urgent Hope Fund Cases:

We've put accepting the majority of Hope fund cases on hold while we begin plans for the Hope Fund Rehabilitation Center (see our strategic planning and our organizational chart evolution for more details and scroll down for a closer look at the Hope Fund and some of our past cases.)

Meanwhile, we are still helping animals with some of the more urgent cases that come in through area rescues and shelters. For our latest, see the following:

 Thursday, August 9, 2012 - MEET COOKIE.

(scroll down for the latest updates on Cookie's treatment and care)

She is a five-year-old German Shepherd. Her elderly owner had to give Cookie up when she lost her home. Cookie came into JB Ogle, the Jeffersonville, Indiana animal shelter. She has a family who wants Cookie as their own, but poor Cookie was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is a wonderful girl and the family will give her a wonderful IF we can get this shelter dog 

healthy again.

Cookie is now at LVSES undergoing treatment. With pneumonia, it's hard to know the cost. It depends on how Cookie responds to treatment. If things go well, it could be between $1,000 to $1,500. If not, it can be much more costly. So, we're setting a hopeful goal to raise $2,000 to help Cookie get her second chance.

Any funds that are raised above the cost of what's needed for Cookie's care will go to the Hope Fund to help the next shelter dog or cat facing a medical emergency or need. We will continue to help shelter pets with medical needs as long as we have funds available.

Please give if you can - every dollar donated directly goes to help pets simply in need of 

someone who cares.   

UPDATE: August 14, 2012 - I just learned more about Cookie's treatment. She is doing much better but is still not out of the woods. She tested positive for two types of fungi in her lungs. The medication is specialized and expensive. For now, the total cost for treatment is sitting at $1,500 to $1,700. 

At $950, we're more than halfway there. (Some have given other ways than the ChipIn). So, please give you can so we can continue funding her treatment for pneumonia. ~Jess

UPDATE: August 15, 2012 - NKL'ers! I want to pass along that Cookie continues to improve. It looks like that the medication is working and she will not have to go back into round-the-clock care.

The bill at the first vet is $1,375 and we're hoping to raise enough for her medication, so it looks $1,700 will be close to the final number. To donate to her care, see the last post. ~Jess

The Hope Fund: Meet Some of the Pets YOU Are Helping!

Please note: All the vet offices and hospitals we use to help the "Hope Animals" work with us and enable us to provide specialized care to more shelter animals. Please support these vets and let them know that No Kill Louisville referred you so we are able to continue to help as many orphaned pets in need as possible.

Those vet offices and animals hospitals include (in alphabetical order):

and, of course,  Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services worked with us on Hope's case. More are being added. If you are a vet and would like to partner with No Kill Louisville, please email [email protected] to discuss.

As more and more of the pets you've helped through The Hope Fund are adopted, we'll share their inspiring stories on our Hope Springs Eternal page.

Donations for "The Hope Fund"

Boxer mix Puppy

6/29/2012 - This cutie pie has a broken front leg. JB Ogle Animal Shelter asked for assistance with his medical treatment, and we agreed. Thank you to Debbie P. for driving him all the way to the vet on Friday! We will keep you updated as soon as we know more information about his status.

Brownie - RIP

Update 6/29/2012: Brownie sadly passed away. Although the vets had been cautiously optimistic, Brownie could not overcome his dehydration. He will always be in our hearts. Thank you to the dozens of people who donated so generously to Brownie's care. Your donations will continue to help other ill or injured animals in our community.  

6/28/2012 - Brownie is a Dachshund puppy who was surrendered last night (6/27/2012) to LMAS. He tested positive for Parvo and immediately went to foster care for supportive treatment and fluids. However, his chances of survival are greatest if he is hospitalized, and as of this morning. Brownie is in the care of Elk Creek Animal Hospital. Donations are needed to help Brownie survive his illness! Please contribute to his care through the ChipIn below.

Meet Poo Bear

Poo Bear is less than 1 year old and has never walked properly in her life. Her front legs are straight but her back legs are bent at the knee and her ligaments have frozen her legs in this position. In fact, her knee caps are on the sides of her legs and have calcified there. Poo Bear is a sweetheart, timid, scared but totally loving. I can't believe someone let her live in this state.

It appears the only attention she ever had was when they loaded her into the car to dump her at the shelter to be killed. I pulled her from a rescue in Morehead KY because I wanted her to be seen by Dr. Shelly at the Elkcreek Animal Hospital in Taylorsville. The rescue had already taken her to two doctors, neither of which gave a very good prognosis, one suggested she be euthanized.

Dr. Shelly examined Poo Bear today and said he strongly believes that he can correct her condition but it will take two surgeries per leg. She has a condition called "frozen Patella" and even though it is one of the worse cases Dr. Shelly had seen, he doesn't feel that hers is a hopeless case.

The rescue in Morehead has already raised more than $1,000 for Poo Bears surgery and after examinations by other doctors, the balance is $900. This has been put towards Dr. Shelly's surgery's, which are estimated to be in the region of $1,300-$1,600. I would like to raise the remaining $700 so Poo Bear can have the best shot possible at a normal life as possible. Her recuperation after surgery is estimated to be 4-6 months and after that, she will be put up for adoption.  

Anything you can give would be a blessing to Poo Bear.

Thanks, Karen

UPDATE (May 10, 2012) - Poo Bear had surgery on her right leg yesterday and it is now in a splint. She's still at the vets but hopefully will be going to her foster home tomorrow. She will have surgery on the other leg in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE (June 2012) - Poor Bear's first surgery was a success, and she is beginning to come out of her shell thanks to her loving foster family! She will have surgery on her other leg soon, and it is expected to be as successful as the first.



Paid - $423

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - Nemo is heading to a rescue group but recently started limping. LMAS staff asked No Kill Louisville to have Nemo checked out with an x-ray and treated. He's now headed to Hope Fund partner vet Fairleigh Pet Center to be assessed and treated. We'll update with details and a photo as they're available.

Meet Autumn

Estimated - $800 with rechecks

Already Paid - $882

Monday, August 29, 2011 - The Shelby County Humane Society has taken Autumn into their care during the remainder of her recovery. She'll be watched closely to ensure her wounds heal. Meanwhile, Animal Control Officers are taking this case seriously as a potential abuse case and are investigating. We'll keep you posted on Autumn's recovery as much as possible as things move forward.

Friday, August 26, 2011 - Surgery was performed and the collar was removed from Autumn's skin. It was at least 80% embedded. 

Autumn will stay at Fairleigh Pet Center where she can be monitored over the weekend and so her recovery is assured. Please keep Autumn in your thoughts.

Meet Madison

Paid - $432

Estimate - $400

August 18 - She was found after being hit by a car and taken to Louisville Metro Animal Services. They called No Kill Louisville for help. She was taken in for x-rays and examined. The vet's opinion was that she'd heal with crate rest. We'll have follow-up visits to ensure everything is going well. Right now, she's staying with a foster. 


Estimated - $1,000 for initial exams, surgery, and follow-ups

Paid Already - $530

UPDATE (August 30) - Our apologies for a delay in an update on Hershey's case. He underwent the surgery at Elk Creek Animal Hospital and is now with a wonderful foster recuperating from the surgery. Hershey must stay in a crate much of the time over the next several weeks so he'll heal without issues. He'll have a recheck in about four weeks to ensure he's healing properly. Please keep him in your thoughts as his recovery continues.

UPDATE - Hershey had x-rays done at Fairleigh Pet Center and will go to LVSES to be examined by a specialists. All we know at this point is that he has an issue with his femur. It's unclear at this point what treatment may be recommended. So, we're not yet sure on the cost for Hershey's treatment

UPDATE (August 11): Hershey's injury is very serious and requires surgery that will likely run between $2,200 and $2,600 or his leg will need to be amputated. Due to legal reasons regarding his case which we are not permitted to release, we cannot approve treatment until the hold ups with 

the case are cleared. So far, the cost for his treatment (pain medication, examination, x-rays, etc) is around $300 to $500. We are keeping a very close eye on Hershey's case. He was just approved to go into a foster home while things are sorted. We'll keep you updated.

Hound Puppies

Estimated - $800

Paid - $780

UPDATE (August 30) - Only one of the two hound puppies survived the parvo scare. The good news is the puppies owner was found. Apparently, they'd gotten out of gate that wasn't secured. The other puppy is has home with his owner. Please keep the one who passed in your thoughts.

Thursday, August 11 - Both puppies are doing much better today. The one that was exhibiting strong signs of parvo is now eating. He's about to get another round of anti-biotics and fluids. The cost at this point is around is now at around $900 and is not expected to go any or much higher. So far, this has been the best possible outcome but keep these two in your thoughts. We still have not received a photo of the two but I'll share it as soon as I do get one in that works for the web.

Wednesday evening, August 10 - The two bloodhound puppies were found by animal control officers. One was showing signs for parvo and tested positive. Both are currently at Jefferson Animal Hospital undergoing treatment. It's expected to run between $800 and $1,000. Only one, the smaller of the two, is exhibiting clear signs and needed immediate, overnight emergency care which is why the cost is a little more. Please if you can give to this case, do so. We'll update you on both cases as we learn more tomorrow. (We're currently waiting on photos for these two.


Estimated Cost - $1,000 (increased from $650 as of 8/2)

Already Paid - $657.09

August 11, 2011 - Napoleon will have to undergo tooth extraction at a cost of between $230 to $420 depending on the amount of extraction needed. His next appointment is August 23. We'll update you following his surgery. 

August 9, 2011 - 4pm - Napoleon is doing great! He's now with his foster mommy and had a vet appointment today. His bloodwork came back clean. The levels that showed issues with his liver settled. High levels regarding the liver are typical with trauma cases. Napoleon did have some tooth damage and is now scheduled for a tooth extraction. We'll keep you updated as he continues to heal. Thank you to all who have given to his treatment and recovery. 

August 2, 2011 - 5pm - Napoleon is eating some food again. He seems to be feeling a little better and the blood in his urine has cleared. The vet sent in blood work and we're waiting for results. He may still show signs of some internal damage so he'll be rechecked in a week. At that time, they'll look at pulling his damaged teeth. The vet believes his teeth may be okay but it's hard to tell at this time. 

Napoleon is set to go to a foster home where he can get even more one-on-one attention as he continues to heal. His medical costs will likely be more than anticipated due to his continuing recovery. Thanks to all who have given or will give to the Hope Fund.

August 1, 2011 - 12pm - Napoleon is not eating. He also had some blood in his urine. The vet is going to do blood work and see what they learn before moving Napoleon into a foster home. We'll keep you updated. Please keep him in your thoughts.

August 1, 2011 - 10am - Napoleon has been at the vet's office all weekend. The vet decided it was best to keep him quiet and still so soft tissue damage could heal. We're supposed to get an update later today, and we'll pass it along to you as soon as we do. Napoleon thanks all who have given to provide him with the best care to recover from being hit by a car. Any funds given above his medical needs will go into the Hope Fund and provide for the care of the next shelter or orphaned pet in need of our help.

July 29, 2011 - 2pm - Napoleon came into the shelter on the morning of Friday, July 29. He had face lacerations and was obviously in pain. This dog who was described as "not having a mean bone in his body despite being in serious pain" was helped by the staff at Louisville Metro Animal Services. But, it was clear to them that he needed more medical attention so they call The Hope Fund.

The dog was rushed to Fairleigh Pet Center for observation. The staff quickly fell in love and have named him Napoleon. As of Noon on July 29, this was his assessment:

He doesn't appear to have any brain swelling so far. The staff willl do some x-rays but there does not appear to be any broken bones. He's got some soft tissue damage and some flea/skin issues which we've asked staff to treat. He has a broken canine. He's been neutered and has a "tattoo" which they believe means he was likely neutered at SNIP Clinic.

The vet will give us an update around 5pm and will keep him for observation overnight. At that time, we will get a better estimate of the cost for Napoleon's treatment. For now, we are planning on the bill being around $650 with x-rays, overnight stay, and treatment. Please donate to Napoleon's care if you're able and share his story with others.

Mama Cat

Estimated Cost - $400

Already Paid - awaiting final bill 

Update: Mama Cat gave birth to 4 kittens on March 31 (pics taken April 5). She went into labor just hours after arriving at her foster home. So far, the reports have been good! Mama Cat is eating very well and the kittens are healthy. The kittens will remain in foster care for at least 2 months until they can be adopted. And don't forget about Mama Cat, she will need a home then too! 

Mama Cat" (will be renamed soon by her foster!) came to MAS very pregnant and was having health issues. It was thought that she had a belly full of dead kittens, but this turned out not to be the case. When she was taken for further examination to Grimes and Wood Animal Clinic, the vet said she was severely stressed and therefore having some issues with her pregnancy. She is very round and ready to give birth very soon. She also has an issue with her tail and it will likely need to be amputated, but she is able to care for her kittens first. Mama is already in a foster home and recovering from her stress. In addition to a very attentive foster mom that is ensuring she is eating and drinking well, Mama has an entire "suite" to herself to rest and recharge. 


Estimated Cost - $1,500

Already Paid - $950; awaiting final treatments/bill 

Meaty is a LMAS dog who will be undergoing heartworm treatment starting the first week in April. He is currently in a foster home and loving it! Check out this update from his foster mom:

"His ribs are slowly disappearing as he puts on more and more weight. When we let him out of his crate for potty breaks, his tail wags constantly, and typically he'll go straight to his water bowl for a drink. He's become quite the happy, bouncy boy. He thinks he is a lap dog, can't get close enough when you're petting him. And he loves to give kisses, even when he's got a mouth full of food. :) He knows now he is safe and loved and is just soaking it up."


Estimated Cost - $1,500

Already Paid - $1,625

Sunday, March 27 (10:23 p.m.) - We now have an update on the puppy's condition including a photo taken by the shelter staff before Victory was rushed to the vet's office (right). They did blood work and his liver and blood count numbers were high but that's not unheard of after a trauma like he had. They are not worried yet but will keep an eye on those numbers.

He was perky when he came in but seems to be feeling badly now. He is on fluids and they've added painkillers to his IV. They've started the parvo

treatment and will need to just wait and see how he does. The doctor said he is incredibly cute and while pits often have a harder time overcoming parvo, she is cautiously optimistic. Victory is a pit/shepherd mix is the guess at this point although she's not sure. Sounds like he's pure mixed breed. We should get another report in the morning or early afternoon tomorrow.  

Also - we heard from the officer who responded to this call. He was smitten with the puppy as was the woman who saw it happened and owned a home near the site where Victory was thrown from the vehicle. They both say he is a very special dog so please keep him in your thoughts.

Sunday, March 27 (6:20 p.m.) - One of our co-founders talked to the vet after Victory got to LVSES. She couldn't feel any broken bones but I agreed they should take an x-ray just to make sure there are no fractures or breaks. She said he's got a beautiful face and he was scared in the crate but once he got out he was lively.

They will start medication and IVs for the parvo ASAP. When asked about success rates, the vet said it is pretty good but not perfect. She said she's seen it go both ways. Dogs that looked healthy went down quickly and died, dogs that looked awful pulled through so she hedged her bets with Victory but it sounds like she's much more positive than worried about him surviving.

Sunday, March 27 (3:21 p.m.) - A little puppy was tossed from a car last night. I do not know many other details except that he is okay and did not suffer trauma. However, he does have parvo. The puppy is headed to LVSES for treatment right now. A witness got a description of the car. I'll let you know more when I know more. ~Jessica Reid, President, No Kill Louisville


Estimated Cost - $400

Already Paid - $250.82

Friday, March 18 - Garrett is doing great and the volunteers who are helping him are getting him into a rescue. Thank you everyone for helping us help this dog!

Tuesday, March 15 - Garrett seems to be doing well with treatment. He's still got some recovery time and treatment to go but, as of today, all signs are positive. It's only because of donations from people like you that we're able to help Garrett and all our other Hope Fund pets.

Monday, March 14 - Volunteers at JB Ogle shelter in Jeffersonville, Indiana, contacted us asking if we could help with a great puppy that may have parvo. We agreed and he was taken to Hurstbourne Animal Hospital in hopes of giving him a chance to recover. He's a lab/pyrenees mix who came into the shelter as a stray. Please keep him in your thoughts. 

Orangey and Miss Kitty

Estimated Cost - $2,500 to $3,500

Already Paid - $1,780 

Thursday, March 17 - Orangey is now in foster care where he is being treated with medicine. He will need several follow-up visits but, so far, things are looking very positive for this cat. Thank you to all who have donated to his care. 

Monday, March 14 - Orangey went in for surgery this afternoon. We are awaiting word of his recovery and will bring you news as soon as we learn more. We also hope to have photos of him soon. If you would like to foster Orangey through his recovery, please contact us at [email protected] Because he is with Louisville's city-run shelter, you must live in Jefferson County, and your pets must be up-to-date on rabies shots.

Saturday, March 12 - Unfortunately, after testing, Miss Kitty was having kidney problems, with one kidney shut down and the other having very low output. Miss Kitty was monitored through out the night and today, with kidney levels rechecked.

After several discussions last night and today with the vet, it was agreed that prognosis for Miss Kitty was very poor and she might suffer until her death. Shelter staff was notified of her prognosis and approval was received for Miss Kitty to be euthanized. Miss Kitty was euthanized this afternoon to relieve her suffering.

We are all heartbroken at Miss Kitty's story and her passing. Please keep this sweet, little cat in your thoughts and prayers. 

Friday, March 11 - Louisville Metro Animal Services called us about two cats hit by Of our two cats that were hit by cars. The older one, named Orangey by LVSES staff, was approved to have surgery on Monday. The younger one, named Miss Kitty by LVSES staff, is having kidney problems and needs to be monitored before deciding if treatment will help her.


please note: the below photo is graphic

Estimated Cost - $1,150 to $1,530

Final Bill - $959.39

Friday, February 25 - Meet Boston. He came into LMAS as a stray and had a severe injury to his eye today. As you can see, it was popped out of his head in a very painful way. The poor fella was suffering and we had to react. He's now at Jefferson Animal Hospital.

Apparently, Boston's eye has been this way for far too long and it cannot be saved. He's also emaciated and covered in sores. The vets are going to remove his eye and treat him. Please if you can donate to help us help Boston by giving to our Hope Fund, please do. You make it possible for us not to turn away an abandoned, neglected, or orphaned pet in need. Without your help, these pets would be killed.


please note: the below photo is graphic

Estimated Cost - $1,150 to $1,530

Final Bill - $959.39

Friday, February 25 - Bingo recovered and is now doing fine. His foster family was scheduled to pick him up today, and he already has a potential adopter. Cross your fingers and toes for him!

Tuesday, February 22 - Bingo was doing great but began getting sick. The vet was worried it might be parvo so it was decided that Bingo should stay at the vet longer for treatment and monitoring. Hopefully, he won't break with parvo. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Wednesday, February 16 - Bingo came into Louisville Metro Animal Services in obvious pain and suffering. It was thought he could have a broken back leg, but the shelter does not have an x-ray machine. LMAS' staff asked if we could help. Bingo is now at Gailor Animal Clinic where the boxer/cane corso mastiff mix had his back leg x-rayed.

It showed that Bingo does not have any breaks but the vet saysthe injury is several days old. Bingo's body has suffered some sort of trauma but it's unclear what exactly or what kind of damage he has due to all the swelling along his leg and shoulder. Their best guess is that it may be a hernia, which they can treat, but that's only a guess.

They are going to keep him a few days and treat and monitor him. As soon as the swelling goes down, they'll be able to find out more and give us all a diagnosis.


Estimated Cost - $400

Final Bill - $400

Meet Herb! He is with the New Albany/Floyd County Animal Shelter. Herb needs a $1200 surgery on one of his back legs. Shamrock Foundation is also providing some funds for Herb's surgery, and NAFCAS also has some funding. We are happy to contribute $400 towards Herb's surgery. We will keep you posted! We hear Herb is a really friendly guy and says "Hi!" to all the NKL'ers out there!

UPDATE: Herb now has wheels! See his pictures and check out the blog post by clicking here.


Estimated Cost - $200 to $300

Final Cost - $272.00

Friday, February 11 - Dandy is doing well and already has two potential adopters. Cross your fingers and toes that one works out! He won't be able to be adopted for a few more days though. He needs more recovery time and to be neutered 

before adoption.

And, there is more good news. He's starting to put his weight on his paw and the vet does not think there is a need for an x-ray. The vet believes it was a bite wound, poor fella! The staff loves him and says "he's so sweet that we'll hate it when he leaves!"

Wednesday, February 9 - This sweet Great Dane mix was an owner surrender at LMAS, the city-rund shelter. He is about 10 months old, deaf with gorgeous sky blue eyes, and had an injury to his leg. The person that had him wrapped the leg with black duct tape so that now there is 

massive swelling.

He's now at Iroquois Animal Clinic being treated. We need a foster family who lives in Jefferson County ASAP. Please contact [email protected] if you can foster this boy for a week to 3 weeks while we find a rescue or adopter, or if you're interested in adopting him.


Estimated Cost - $400

Already paid - $482

Thursday, February 10 - It looks like Victoria will be adopted by her foster family! We're just waiting until she heals completely so she can be spayed. Our thanks to this wonderful family for taking her into their home to help her and now bringing her into their lives for the rest of hers. These stories are our favorites! 

Sunday, January 30 - Victoria is now in a foster home after several days at Gailor Animal Hospital. She simply needed cage rest but seems to be doing well. She will be heading back to the hospital for a follow up to ensure the bone breaks she suffered are healing properly. We'll keep you updated. 

Victoria in her foster home.

Tuesday, January 18 - (1pm Update): Victoria is a pretty rottweiler who was brought to Louisville Metro Animal Services after it appeared she had been hit by a car. Staff at the shelter contacted No Kill Louisville for help. Due to their limited resources, they wanted her to go to a vet where x-rays and other needs could be met to treat Victoria.

She's now at Gailor Animal Hospital where she's been wrapped to stop internal bleeding and stabilized. We're currently looking for a foster to pick this girl up from the vet's office tomorrow (Wednesday, January 19) so she can heal in a quiet spot. Email [email protected] if you live in Jefferson County and can foster her for a few weeks while she heals and until a permanent family or rescue can be found.

Meet Dudley

Estimated Cost - $400

Already paid- $502

Tuesday, January 11 - (1:24pm Update): Meet Dudley! He's a Jindo/Carolina dog who is young, happy, and excited to be around people! He is super smart. He's also energetic and fun. He's good at riding in a car and great with other dogs. He's not so good with cats because he likes to chase them.

Dudley has an ACL issue after it appears he was hit by a car. He's been in the shelter for several weeks and, today (Jan. 11, 2011) a No Kill Louisville board member too him to Gailor Animal Hospital where he's being evaluated. We need a foster while he awaits his surgery and afterward while he heals. If you can help, please email me ASAP, at [email protected]

Helping 14 Kitties in Need!

Cost - $2,000

Already paid - $2,000

January 26, 2011: All but two of the cats tested negative for ringworm. Seven of the cats/kittens are now at Animal House and are up for adoption. Almost Home Boarding and Training agreed to have the remaining two, Sable and Zagy, transferred into their care. The staff will continue to treat the two cats for ringworm and, once it's cleared up, they'll be up for adoption at the boarding and training facility. Please support this business that helped make it possible for us to save so many lives!

Share these cats story with others so we can find them each a happy home and a family to love. They've made it through the first struggles. We just know that the happy ending (being adopted) to their story is just around the corner!

January 8, 2011: Sadly, we lost one of the kittens involved with this. Raven was humanely euthanized. The poor kitty had the wet form of FIP and had fluid in her lungs. She would have slowly drowned to death within a day or two according to the vet. Given this dire and fatal prognosis, we asked the shelter staff to approve having her euthanized to end her terrible suffering. We are extremely saddened by this and take any decision to euthanize an animal seriously. Our goal is to save all adoptable pets and we realize this does not mean no animal should be euthanized. At times, the difficult and heartwrenching decision must be made to help the pet by euthanasia. Please see our home page for more on our mission and stance on euthanasia and the only times we believe it should be used.

January 7, 2011: The number of cats exposed or suspected of having ringworm was raised from eleven to 14. We ended up boarding 10 at Almost Home, 3 at a LMAS' employees home, and 1 was adopted with the adopters knowledge that the kitty may have ringworm and needed treatment.

January 6, 2011: We begin the New Year with quite a challenge. There were eleven cats at Louisville Metro Animal Services who showed signs of having ringworm or of being exposed to it. Because this can spread to other kitties if it is ringworm, the shelter must either euthanize the cats or find a safe place for them. They asked for No Kill Louisville's help.

We then asked for help in either finding fosters who could quarantine one or several of the kitties and/or a boarding facility that could do the same. One went to a foster home, the other was adopted (with the adopters knowledge the kitty had been exposed to ringworm), but that left 9 still in need. 

 Then, a small miracle happened.

Cash (left) and Clinton, two of the cats we saved from euthanasia by boarding

them through their ringworm treatment.

Almost Home Boarding and Training stepped up and agreed to help. They actually contacted us to offer assistance! It turns out this is not the first time they've helped shelter pets in need. They are setting aside a room for these cat/kittens and will not be able to board any other animals in that space until after treatment of the 9 is completed and tests come back negative for ringworm. As if that isn't good enough, they're giving NKL a major discount while boarding and treating these 9 cat/kittens!

Still, the boarding could be anywhere from 14 days to a full month. That means running between $1,400 and $3,000. Again, the facility will not be able to use this room until all our cats test negative and are out of there, so they are truly saving these animals' lives!

I've created a ChipIn for $2,000 to cover the "middle ground" of the cost of this. If you can give a little or a lot, please give so we can help these 9 cats and continue to help other pets in need!  

These are the kitties names. We'll hopefully get pictures some time next week:

Birdie, Mitzi, Meredith, Shira, Raven, Skipper, Clinton, Zagy, and Salem!

Cash was added to the boarders too!


Estimated Cost: $3,400

Already Paid - $3,223

Update Nov 24 - Here is a great update from Elwood's foster mom!

"Elwood rested well last night in his king size bed and snored louder than my husband. He tolerates his foster mom with the heat compresses on his bottom, sponge baths, medicine down the throat, and putting his lampshade on backwards this morning. In less than 24 hours he has made a big improvement."

Elwood will be looking for his "forever" family once he has recovered. If all goes well, that will be soon! We'll keep you posted!

Update Nov 23 - Elwood is doing very well and was released from LVSES this evening to go into his foster home, where he will recover from his surgery. We will continue to bring you updates (and pictures!!) as we receive them from his foster home!

Update Nov 22 - Elwood had his surgery today and is coming out of his anesthesia well. He will probably need to stay at LVSES for a few more days while they confirm that he is able to urinate on his own now, etc. After that, he will need a foster home.

Interested in fostering Elwood? Contact Karen Dickson with Metro Animal Services: [email protected] MAS fosters must live in Jefferson County. Elwood needs a quiet home to recover in for 6-8 weeks at least.

Update Nov 21 - LVSES called this afternoon to report that Elwood was feeling MUCH better after being catheterized (poor guy was unable to urinate) and is eating & drinking. According to the vet, he is also "much cuter"! The swelling on his rear has also gone down some. His bladder is still displaced by a hernia that requires surgery. We will keep you posted about when he is able to go in for that, but we are thrilled that he has been relieved of some of his pain.

Meet Elwood - Elwood is an 8 year old Portugese Podengo with Metro Animal Services. He has a perineal hernia, which means that his pelvic muscles are so weak, they allowed the bladder to move up into the anus region. This is rare & painful. He cannot urinate, has trouble with bowel movements, and his rear end is very swollen. Elwood was diagnosed at LVSES on November 20, is currently staying overnight there for round the clock monitoring. They have catheterized him & will give him pain medicine until the surgeon can come in on Monday. Elwood is pictured at right - in happier times.


Estimated Cost - $57

Already Paid - $52

Meet Bianca! Bianca was pulled from Metro Animal Services by the Shamrock Foundation. Bianca is very underweight and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Bianca is currently in foster care and her vet care was overseen by The Downtown Animal Hospital.


Estimated Cost - $893

Paid - $400 

Meet Bianca! Bianca was pulled from Metro Animal Services by the Shamrock Foundation. Bianca is very underweight and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Bianca is currently in foster care and her vet care was overseen by The Downtown Animal Hospital.


Estimated Cost - $250

Already paid - $200

Meet Bug: He was a dog dropped off at Louisville Metro Animal Services. A foster agreed to take Bug in when he was diagnosed with heartworms. The shelter does not have the ability to treat this, and so, it often means the animal is euthanized. Bug's foster asked if No Kill Louisville would help. We agreed.

The Treatment: This wonderful dog was treated by Dr. Patrick King, Jr. at Iroquois Animal Clinic for heartworm. This requires that he remain in a nice and quiet place while the treatment works.

Bug Now: We received this update on Bug from his foster mom on Sunday, October 17 - "Bug is doing good. He is a little yellow, but we picked him 

up yesterday and he is starting to look better already. Doctor King said Bug will come back in 20 days for his last treatment, but he looked like he was doing good and [is] strong. Thank you for everything."

Bug will remain in foster care throughout his treatment. Bug is well on the mend, and is currently beginning his search for a forever home. CLICK HERE to read more about Bug and to see if he is a great fit for your family!


Estimated Cost - $300

Already Paid - $173.24

Meet Nimh: He's a coated Cornish Rex who was found by Louisville Metro Animal Services' staff as a stray. He's a senior kitty who wasn't feeling very good. LMAS staff said he was such a loving boy. Nimh is very frail and needed out of the shelter so they asked for a foster and No Kill Louisville stepped up to help this sweet boy. He wasn't eat much, was sneezing and didn't seem to feel good. 

Treatment: Nimh was taken toFairleigh Pet Center on Bardstown Road for an examination and blood work. He had ear mites and a terrible flea infestation. Dr. Marie Gagnon checked him out and gave him medication for his sinus infection, an appetite stimulant, and flea medication to kill the fleas immediately and to keep him clear of fleas for good. She also gave him some fluids so he would rehydrate. Dr. Gagnon also ran blood work on him to determine if he's suffering from any other issues. We're now awaiting for his prognosis.

He's currently in his foster home wrapped up in a little t-shirt and a blanket. We're giving him high calorie food as the vet recommended. We'll update you on Nimh's prognosis when we learn more. The good news is he seems to be doing well after his vet visit and a rescue group has expressed interest in saving Nimh.

Sad News: Nimh passed away today (November 1, 2010). His little, frail body just couldn't seem to get "over the hump." Please say a little prayer for this sweet boy. We are very sad and his loss is strongly felt. 

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Some of our Hope Fund Animals have already been adopted. To read their inspiring stories, click here.

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