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On Saturday, March 17, 2012, Ritchie Gypsy donated a new pallet jack to the food bank so that we can move pallets of food around.

Thank you RITCHIE!!

Helping Those Impacted by Disaster

Louisville, KY (March 12, 2012) - Picture of 33,528 lbs of food delivered to the No Kill Louisville Food Bank from Mars to be distributed to the areas in Indiana and Kentucky hit by tornadoes. Thank you Mars for donating this food and thank you Rescue Bank for setting up this delivery. Thank you to Doug, Kathy and Ritchie for your help unloading the truck. A second truck will be coming at the end of the week.

Pet Food Bank: Having a Positive Impact on Louisville

Your donations - whether financial or supplies - are having a positive impact on the people and pets of our community. In the first six months since it's founding, with your donations and volunteer helped, No Kill Louisville's Pet Food Bank has been able to help keep:

3,721 pets out of the shelter system


helped 867 people in need.

Please consider donating supplies to one of our drop-off points, donating funds, or volunteering your time to this cause.

Jessica Reid

President, No Kill Louisville

p.s. scroll down to read more from one beneficiary of the pet food bank 

Pet Food Bank: Having a Positive Impact on Louisville

I just want to express my enormous gratitude, for you Pet Food bank. I have had to utilize that resource twice recently. I am a single mom, drawing unemployment and going back to college at 40. While I try not to use it if I can help it, sometimes it is the difference between having gas for the week and not having gas to drive kids to school and get me to my college classes. Sometimes it is the difference between coming up short on my rent or LGE.

This service that you all work hard to provide is a god send for me at times. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and let you know that I am so very grateful that you all take the time to make a difference in people's lives and their pets through this resource.

Again, Thank you, I will forever be indebted to your generousity and caringness. I had to give my dogs bread for breakfast because I had run out of food. Then when I came home from your Pet food bank, they were so excited to see me walk in with food :) With that being said, I do take good care of my dogs but sometimes there is a day or two before your next pet food bank where I have to use some people food. I thank God for you.

If you want to share this email with staff to let them know that they are making a huge difference, please do so. But please black out my name. It is humiliating and humbling to need help at times.


A grateful recipient

In Honor or Memory of Your Pet

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